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Because nothing stays fixed for 30 years

Meet Adam

Communication, education and desire to perform best summarize my approach to loan origination for the 18 years I have been in the mortgage industry. Having been through the ups and downs of the mortgage and real estate markets, I’ve committed to a path that will ensure I’m here for the families who need my help now and in the long run. That means taking the time to explain options to first time home buyers and teaching families about the most beneficial and smartest ways to structure their home financing.

I like homeowners to feel empowered and well informed so whether they are making their first purchase or refinancing into a new loan, they do so with confidence and trust that I am available to walk them through each step of the process.

Great broker

Great broker. Will be as creative and helpful as they can be to get you the loan you need (within the bounds of legality of course!). I’d definitely encourage anyone buying a house in California to work through a broker. They are able to provide more options and more personal guidance than working directly with a big lender.

Outstanding group of professionals

“Several years ago, I refinanced my home and used Adam and his team. I had such a wonderful experience with Adam and his team the first time I refinanced my home. Since then, I’ve used them “Team Adam” over again. I would recommend Adam and his team to anyone.”

Great Help

“Problems that I had in my credit history, that I was unaware of, He found and assisted me in removing them from my reports. I fine that his knowledge of the markets is of great value for anyone who is looking for someone to guide them through the system.”